Art in the Catskills
NYC's Ice Cream Museum
Cape Cod's Second Summer
Vermont's Covered Bridges
New Hampshire's Foliage
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September 2023

Welcome to the enchanting world of Northeast Traveler as we dive into the September 2023 edition. In the pages of this free magazine’s September issue, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the harmonious blend of art, nature, and the captivating spirit of the Northeastern United States. As the summer season begins to fade and the region begins its gentle transition into autumn, we present a collection of articles that encapsulate the essence of this remarkable region.

As you flip through the pages of this issue, let the warm colors of New Hampshire’s autumn wash over you, enjoy ice cream in New York City, catch a little sun and surf and crisp air in Cape Cod, thrill to the vistas that inspired artists in the Hudson Valley, and so much more as you allow the stories within to spark your sense of adventure.

We invite you to relish in the beauty of the Northeast, to explore its hidden gems, and to embrace the unique experiences it offers. Northeast Traveler is your passport to the extraordinary, and we encourage you to indulge in the pages of this magazine, where each story is a journey waiting to be embraced.

Enjoy the September 2023 edition of Northeast Traveler and let your wanderlust carry you through the vibrant landscapes and captivating stories of the Northeastern United States.

Death at the

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Cape Cod’s

If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air, you can extend your summer — and the fun — through October with Cape Cod’s “Second Summer.” Come September, visitors can…