The Waters of
Ricketts Glen
Gettysburg’s Food Scene
The Secret Life of New York’s Buskers
Rockport on a BLUSTERY Day
Guardian of the Bay
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November 2023

In the crisp embrace of November, as the world around us dons the warm hues of autumn, we invite you to embark on a journey with the latest issue of Northeast Traveler magazine. As always, our magazine is your gateway to exploration, and we’re delighted to remind you that this issue, like every other, is entirely free for your enjoyment.

There’s something inherently magical about this season, a time when nature sheds its vibrant summer coat, inviting us to embrace the joy of travel. It’s a time to savor the fleeting beauty of fall foliage, to wander amidst the whispers of rustling leaves, and to capture these moments with the click of a camera. In this issue, we celebrate this essence of travel, encapsulated within the pages that follow.

Firstly, venture deep into the heart of Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains with our feature on Ricketts Glen State Park, where waterfalls cascade and photographers find solace in the dance of light and water, beautifully captured by Cameron Venti and Sarah Kropf. Next, join Debbie stone on a culinary odyssey through Gettysburg, a town known for its Civil War history but also a haven for food enthusiasts. L,M,Brown unveils the secret lives of New York’s buskers, those bold souls who bring music to the bustling streets of Times Square. Then, stand sentinel with Fort Adams, guardian of Narragansett Bay for over two centuries, as eloquently depicted by Florence Chartier Frandsen. Finally, experience the interactive tapestry of Connecticut’s history, where the past comes alive in a vibrant and tangible manner.

We encourage you to delve into the depths of this month’s issue, where each article is a portal to discovery, a lens through which you can view the diverse tapestry of the Northeast. So, dear readers, let the turning of these pages be your passport to the wonders that await you. May this issue inspire your wanderlust and kindle the spirit of adventure. Enjoy your travels and relish the tales that await within these pages. Happy reading!

The Secret Life of

Amidst the sea of hurried tourists and flashing billboards of Times Square, a figure emerges, boldly striding the pavement with confidence that defies the norms, despite being practically naked. Clad…

Rockport on a

During the summer, you may look forward to a short boat ride and a picnic at Rockport’s famous twin granite lighthouses, rising 124 feet above Thatcher Island and guiding ships…