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Travel the Northeast – March 2024

March in the Northeast marks the gradual transition from winter’s embrace to the eagerly awaited arrival of spring. As the region bids farewell to the snowy landscapes, hints of warmth start to emerge, painting a tapestry of renewal. From Vermont’s majestic mountains to the coastal charm of Rhode Island, this issue of Northeast Traveler captures the essence of March, offering readers a journey through the diverse experiences the Northeast has to offer during this dynamic and transformative season. Whether it’s the lingering thrill of winter sports or the blossoming anticipation of outdoor adventures, join us in exploring the captivating spirit of March in the Northeast.

Embark on a captivating journey to the shores of Chautauqua Lake with our cover story, “On the Shores of Chautauqua Lake.” This immersive exploration delves into the rich tapestry of Chautauqua, a place where cultural enrichment, natural beauty, and community converge. From the vibrant gatherings at the Chautauqua Institution to the tranquil lakeside scenes, readers will be transported to a haven that embodies the spirit of intellectual curiosity and leisurely escapes. Discover the timeless allure of this lakeside retreat as we unravel the unique blend of history, culture, and scenic wonders that make Chautauqua a must-visit destination in the heart of the Northeast.

Explore the Northeast with our feature articles in this issue. Dive into the sweet delights of Hersheypark, where chocolate dreams come to life amidst thrilling rides and family fun. Uncover the historical layers of the Boston Massacre, delving into a pivotal moment that shaped the nation’s narrative. Then, hit the slopes of Stratton Mountain, where winter enthusiasts find an alpine haven with pristine slopes and a vibrant calendar of events. Each article offers a unique lens into the rich tapestry of the Northeast, from the indulgent sweetness of Hershey to the historical significance of Boston and the exhilarating winter adventures in the Green Mountains. Join us on this multifaceted journey through the region’s cultural, historical, and recreational gems.

As the March winds usher in a season of renewal, Northeast Traveler invites you to embark on a captivating journey through the pages of our latest issue. From the tranquil shores of Chautauqua Lake to the adrenaline-pumping rides of Hersheypark, the historical echoes of the Boston Massacre, and the snowy slopes of Stratton Mountain, our diverse features promise an exploration of the Northeast’s vibrant tapestry. Join us in uncovering the unique stories and experiences that await, encouraging you to savor the richness of our region’s culture, history, and recreation. So, flip through these pages, immerse yourself in the narratives, and let Northeast Traveler be your guide to the extraordinary wonders that make the Northeast an unparalleled destination.

On The Shores Of

In the embrace of winter’s gentle chill, my wife and I journied through the countryside of Upstate New York, reaching the region surrounding Chautauqua Lake. We were captivated by the…