NYC Architecture is Art
Up on the Roof in Philly
A Romantic Trip to Patriot Place
Discovering Gillette Castle
Serenity in Maine
The Carole King Musical at TBTS

July 2023

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Welcome to the July 2023 issue of Northeast Traveler magazine! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the Northeast region of the United States. This edition of the magazine is packed with captivating articles and stunning visuals that will inspire your next adventure. Whether you’re a local looking for new discoveries or a visitor seeking hidden gems, this issue is your ultimate guide to exploring the beauty and charm of the Northeast.

In “Manhattan, Where Architecture Is Art,” join L. M. Brown as they take you on a captivating tour of New York City’s iconic architectural wonders. From towering skyscrapers to historic landmarks, experience the breathtaking fusion of art and engineering that makes Manhattan a true masterpiece. If you’re craving a romantic getaway, don’t miss Paul Pence’s enchanting article on “Patriot Place,” where he shares a captivating blend of painting, football history, exquisite dining, and nature that sets the stage for a perfect romantic journey.

Discover the fascinating world of William Gillette and his magnificent creation in “A Monument to a Showman: Gillette Castle” by Michael A. Walsh. Fall into the allure of this architectural gem and immerse yourself in the charm and mystery that surrounds it. For those seeking serenity and artistic inspiration, our article on “Maine’s Serenity” is a must-read. Uncover uncrowded beaches, vibrant art museums, tranquil hiking trails, serene camping spots, and abundant fishing opportunities as you explore the idyllic vacation destination of Maine.

Additionally, we take you high above the bustling streets of Philadelphia in “Up On The Roof: Philly’s Top Bars and Restaurants.” Discover the heights of culinary delight and breathtaking views as we unveil the city’s most coveted rooftop destinations. Lastly, experience the transformative life, music, and legacy of Carole King in the acclaimed musical “Beautiful” at Theatre by the Sea. Join Paul Pence as he shares the magic of this captivating production.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Northeast Traveler magazine, filled with inspiring stories, captivating photographs, and valuable travel insights. Whether you’re an avid explorer or a leisurely traveler, let us be your trusted companion in discovering the wonders of the Northeast. So grab a copy of our flipbook or delve into the captivating articles available in text format and let your imagination transport you to the captivating destinations featured in this issue. Happy travels!

Manhattan, Where

Welcome to the vibrant canvas of New York City, where the cityscape is an ever-changing painting, and its buildings are the colorful strokes that bring it to life. Let’s immerse…