Cookies in the Shadow of Mt. Washington
NYC's High Line
Winter on Crescent Beach
The Apollo Theater
Christmas on Cape Cod and the Islands
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December 2023

December in the Northeast is a time when celebrations fill the air, marking the transition into winter. As vibrant city streets and cozy tiny towns adorn themselves with dazzling lights and decorations, the spirit of the holiday season takes hold. Festive events, such as tree lighting ceremonies and ice-skating in Central Park, bring joy and cheer to both locals and visitors alike. With the arrival of snow, communities come together to embrace the enchantment of the season, cherishing traditions like building snowmen and engaging in spirited snowball fights. Cozy winter markets offer a delightful array of crafts and treats, adding to the magic of December in the US Northeast.

In this issue Linda Eagleson brings you with her to her annual pilgrimage to New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington Valley, where she visits country inns and enjoys more cookies than she should. Debbie Stone takes us to New York City’s High Line Park, a linear park high above the noisy streets of Manhattan. Paul Pence takes us on a quiet stroll along a snow-clad Crescent Beach in Maine. Micheal A. Walsh explores a stone farmhouse in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. And Debbie Stone gives us a second feature on the historic Apollo Theater.

In addition, you’ll find articles on other destinations and events around the Northeast, from Vermont to New Jersey and many points in between.

We invite you to embark on a captivating journey through the US Northeast during one of its most enchanting seasons, where magic fills the air and winter transforms the region into a wonderland of lights, celebrations, and cherished traditions. Dig deep into the pages of this issue and uncover the essence of December in the Northeast, one page and one article at a time.