Acadia National Park
Cozy Like a Hobbit
The Battle for Rhode Island
Mountain Biking in Waterville Valley
King Richard's Faire is Calling!
MAD About Taylor Swift
HersheyPark's Quieter Side
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August 2023

Welcome to Northeast Traveler Magazine’s August 2023 issue, where captivating adventures and immersive experiences await!

This month, we invite you to embark on a journey that transcends time and space, as we present a collection of remarkable articles that transport you to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the Northeastern United States. From the grandeur of King Richard’s Faire to the captivating fusion of fashion, art, and music in Taylor Swift: Storyteller, this issue is a treasure trove of inspiration for every wanderlust-filled soul.

Stay in a Hobbit Home, go mountain biking in Waterville Valley, explore Acadia, have fun at HersheyPark, and rediscover the forgotten battlefields of the Revolutionary War’s Battle For Rhode Island.

As always, we bring you new experiences, new insights, and new adventures, so delve into the pages of this month’s issue and join us on our journey through Northeastern US.

Happy Travels!


Cozy like a Hobbit –

The Shire, our hobbit home for the weekend, was so perfect that we half-expected to be welcomed by Bilbo Baggins himself. Our usual excursions to the countryside progress from overcrowded…