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Cape May, NJ Loves ICE CREAM

Delve into the delectable history of everyone’s favorite summer indulgence at the Carroll Gallery in the Carriage House on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate.

Cape May MAC (Museums+Arts+Culture) presents “We All Scream for Ice Cream: A History of Summer’s Favorite Treat,” an enlightening exhibit tracing the evolution of ice cream from an elite luxury to a beloved staple.

In the early 1800s, ice cream was a delicacy enjoyed by the privileged few, boasting extravagant flavors such as Parmigiano and asparagus. However, by the late 1800s, it had captured the hearts and palates of people from all walks of life, with classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Many of the iconic treats we cherish today, including the ice cream cone, sundae, and banana split, originated during this era of Victorian ingenuity.

The event promises an immersive experience with several ice cream flavors available on-site from Cape May’s Fine Fellows Creamery.

The exhibit showcases a wealth of artifacts, including an authentic 1898 ice cream maker and a meticulously crafted reproduction of a Victorian ice cream wagon. Visitors will learn about the diverse pioneers of ice cream, from Augustus Jackson to Nancy Johnson, and the groundbreaking innovations that revolutionized the industry, such as the invention of the ice cream scoop and freezer.

Admission to the exhibit is free, offering an accessible opportunity for all to explore the rich history of this beloved frozen dessert. The exhibit runs daily through Nov. 3, with varying opening times to accommodate visitors.

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