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Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) has added Terrain at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a unique retail experience within its expansive 52-acre landscape. This collaboration between Anthropologie Group’s home and garden brand, Terrain, and BBG merges horticultural appreciation with retail innovation, enriching the visitor experience.

Located within Diane H. and Joseph S. Steinberg Visitor Center, the 2,700 sq. ft. Terrain store offers a curated selection of plants, artisanal gifts, and decor, complementing BBG’s renowned botanical collections. Reflecting the ethos of both brands, Terrain at BBG promises a dynamic retail encounter, with seasonal offerings synchronized with the changing landscape of the surrounding gardens.

The addition of Terrain at Brooklyn Botanic Garden enhances BBG’s status as not just a horticultural haven but also a retail destination, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a curated blend of nature and design. This collaboration amplifies BBG’s mission of connecting people to the world of plants while fostering an appreciation for the environment.

Beyond retail, Terrain at Brooklyn Botanic Garden aims to enrich BBG’s educational mission through workshops and event programming, offering visitors opportunities to engage more deeply with the natural world.

Terrain at Brooklyn Botanic Garden invites plant enthusiasts and design aficionados to explore curated craftsmanship amidst the lush landscape of BBG, enhancing the botanical journey for all visitors.

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