We care about your privacy. This is how we protect it.

We are committed to providing our subscribers and advertising partners with the utmost in privacy and security. We abide by all industry guidelines and consistently monitor our management and operating methods in order to maintain our valued reputation and integrity. This is our promise to our subscribers and advertisers.

Type of Information Collected

We collect only information that is voluntarily added by our readers and we will NEVER distribute this information to advertisers or other outside parties or used to send unsolicited emails.

In order to service a subscription, subscribers must submit an email address, but no other personal information is required directly by us. Other information may be entered by users of the forum and comments sections, such as a profile description, but this is entirely optional. We may, from time to time, ask for demographic information such as age or gender, but this information is voluntary and is not connected to the email addresses and only shared as aggregate numbers (e.g. “Responding readers were 52% female, 48% male”, rather than “ is a male”.)

Payments for subscriptions are handled through a third-party secure system and private information from that system is NOT incorporated into our database.

We associate with advertisers who offer products and services that we feel may interest our readers. In making purchases, readers may provide information to advertisers, which is subject to the advertiser’s privacy policy. Information typically collected by advertisers include their name, address, title, e-mail address, and age along with other demographic information and optional questions chosen by the advertiser. We will not do business with companies that use this information in an unethical manner and ask our readers to notify us immediately if their privacy has been violated by our advertisers.

Member Contact

We realize that our subscribers’ time is valuable. Any email from us will be be clearly labeled and dated and will never include advertising.


Cookies are not used by our website. Our advertisers might use cookies for user tracking, but we permit such cookies only where advertisers follow current legislation regarding privacy protection.


In order to ensure security and protection of collected information, all employees are aware of our security policy and practices. Web security is constantly reviewed. Access to the information is limited and only obtained through codenames and passwords. Any loss, misuse, or alteration of information is prohibited and will be followed by appropriate action and termination of employee. This is to uphold our promise to our readers and advertisers.


Subscribers may request to end their subscription at any time, which we will process immediately. We remove the email address from the active version of our database.

Notification Of Changes

In the event that there is a change in the privacy practices, all subscribers will be contacted via the e-mail address on record.

Contact Information

We abide by the laws and guidelines of the Internet. We welcome any inquiries as to the use of collected information and cookies, product capabilities, or company methods and practices. If you have any questions, comments or corrections regarding personally identifiable information obtained through us, please e-mail Paul Pence at, call him at 401.480.9355, or you can write:

Paul Pence, Publisher
Amygis Publishing
2 Barber Avenue Warwick, RI 02886