How to get the word out to the world.

You’ve come to Northeast Traveler at an unprecedented time. COVID restrictions are being lifted, tourism is ramping up, and Northeast Traveler has transitioned away from a web portal format to a more traditional print magazine format.

This means that our advertising model is changing too. Before, we had focused on internet-based advertising, the kind of advertising that Google or Amazon might put on a website in banners and blocks, but with a print magazine format, we will rely on traditional advertising, the kind that creates awareness rather than selling a camera or poster.

To make this work, we are making the online version of our magazine 100% free while we build our audience.

And in this limited window of opportunity, we are offering free advertising to the hospitality industry. No, it’s not a come-on, it’s an honest look at reality – we need to build both an audience and demonstrate value to our advertisers. Just send a JPG with your advertisement and a web address you’d like it to send interested people to and we will include it in the next issue of Northeast Traveler, space available.

Send your jpg and link to